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Jazz Up Things Between You & Your Loved One

On a first date, several escorts London partners encounter fireworks, accompanied by a whirlwind romance that rapidly gathers momentum. A steady stream of movies, fancy meals, roller skating at the local park, and many interesting conversations could be part of the first few weeks of a new romance.

One year, fast forward, and the timetable has shifted. Now-established lovers watch Netflix at home to save money, shop for groceries once a week rather than eating out and enjoy relaxing in relaxed silence instead of engaging in constant chatter. Without the pressure and stress of preparing a constant stream of dates, several couples are delighted to have switched from quick-paced to peaceful and accept a daily routine.

Other individuals, however, get bored until the initial sizzle starts to fizzle. Do not fear: Research shows that there are safe, cheerful ways to spice things back up for those that want to incorporate their partnership with energy and excitement.

If your social or work schedules are so jam-packed that sex has become as unusual as a trendy mullet, then maybe it’s time for the rules to be laid down. Choose a night in your calendar, make sure both of you keep it open, maybe turn it into a whole date night, book a restaurant, or have a car collect both of you.

It is hard to keep the spark going when a fast recognition before work substitutes a goodbye kiss, and a marathon of movies has become the only method of date nights. Since it can be extremely disheartening to be stuck in this kind of slump, here are thoughts to help you spice up your relationship and rediscover the spark that made you love your partner in the first place.

As a publication that aims to provide you with the most chivalrous content, from vintage cars and incredible yachts to exclusive luxury retreats and high-end designer brands, we believe it is our duty to teach you all aspects of the life of a modern gentleman. It is time, therefore, for us to feel that we can discuss the topic of sex. Yeah, we’ve said that. Whether called chivalrous or not, it is time we discussed the topic in the spirit of St. Valentine that, (let’s be honest), seldom leaves a man’s mind. So, with a boom (no pun intended) to kick everything off, we figured we would impart some wisdom about how to spice up your sex life.

The further a relationship lasts, the more likely it is that your sex life will suffer. Breaking news, huh? No longer the condition or circumstances, we’ve come up with a few easy ways that you and your spouse can jazz things up with the dreaded ‘Valentine’s Day’ just around the corner. 

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