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My Flamboyance Is Loved

People reckon that being a charlotte escort is just about going out on dates and having people spend money on you. Although this does happen within the agency with some of the escorts I like to bring a little bit more character and zing to my dates. And typically someone who is quite over the top so when I’m laughing it’s super loud and super unique when I’m crying is definitely melodramatic and when I’m on a date I like to call myself an overachiever. My clients love this about me everyone who books me through charlotte escorts knows that they’re going to have the most exciting adult fun filled date that they have ever had. Even down to the way that I dress I always make sure I’m super sexy super sensual and super up-to-date with the latest fashions.  

Some of the girls at London escorts laugh at the way that I do things at work however I don’t pay them any mind as I’m probably one of the top grossing escort at the agency. Having an outlandish and outgoing personality is exactly what my clients love about me. The way I see it is if you’re going to pay for company you want something different then what you can get from someone if you are to just meet them at a club or at the pub. You want fantasies fulfilled and a really exciting experience.  

What a lot of the girls at London escort don’t understand is that their clients book them as a form of escapism from their normal lives. So what’s the use in expecting and out of this world experience with someone that you’re actually paying to keep you company when all you get is the same service that you would get if you were to pick up someone from the bar.  

I take much pride in everything that I do and the fact that I am extremely open-minded this makes me one of the most popular escorts in london. I have tried to educate the other escorts at the agency but they act like they don’t want to listen so I have just left them to their own devices. My mother always said you can take a horse to the lake but you can’t make it drink. Either way I’m good as I make sure that my clients have the best and most exhilarating adult experience I can provide. And the agency love the way that I represent them as the client reviews are always ten star and super positive. Many people have tried to say that I should tone down my character and the way that I behave but I say ‘NEVER’ this is me and my clients love the way that I am. 

For all the eccentric outlandish and just down right different human beings out there I say live your best life by being your authentic you.

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